During the nineteenth century, a new phenomenon blessed the world at Maruthur, a small village about 9 kms away from Vadalore, Tamilnadu, South India. Maruthur was home to a righteous and devout couple.

One day, when the husband was away, a saffron-clad saint came to their house. The lady of the house treated the saint courteously and lovingly served him a sumptuous meal. Pleased immensely by the devoted hospitality extended to him, the saint upon his departure blessed her with some sacred ash (vibudhi) and uttered the following words. “You shall beget a son, who will deliver the art of deathlessness, which will be a boon to the entire world”. So saying, the saint disappeared. (Though it has been acknowledged by all as a remarkable event, the intricacy lying therein has to be understood only from a higher plane). The very moment the lady heard the words of the saint that she would bring forth a child, she conceived. Such conception is termed as ‘sambupaksha shrishti’.

Creation has been classified into five divisions. Of these, the world is only aware of the scientific fact that the unity of the sperm and ovum make way for the formation of an embryo, which gradually grows into a child to be brought up in the world to gain experience to attain the purpose of its existence. Contrary to this, the ‘sambupaksha shrishti’ is different, where the embryo comes into existence, the very moment the utterance comes from a holy saint and as such, it is a rare phenomenon in the world.

Days passed and at the end of the gestation period, the lady gave birth to a male child on the fifth day of October 1823. The lady was Chinnammaiyar, Ramayya Pillai’s wife, and the child was none other than Vadalore Swami Ramalinga or so lovingly known to the world as Vallal Peruman, or most affectionately as Vallalar.

Vallal Perumaan blessed this world with his presence and to this day thousands of devotees throng to Maruthur to receive Perumaanaar’s benediction.

Chidambara Dharshan

Five months old baby Ramalingam was taken to Chidambaram Temple by his parents for offering prayers to Lord Nataraja.

As usual the priest lit the camphor and offered it to the Lord at the Sanctum Sanctorum. No sooner the light appeared, the five months baby Ramalingam laughed loudly and gazed at the empty space created by the curtain lifted. The significant of this incident was that the Almighty revealed the secrecy and showed his true form as the GREAT DIVINE GRACE LIGHT (ARUTPERUNJOTHI).

School Education

When Ramalingam was five years old he was sent to Sabapathy Mudaliar to attain formal education. Ramalingam was very quiet in the class room and showed no interest in his studies. But one day it happened to hear a new and fresh beautiful tamil poem with full of substance of high order sung by young Ramalingam has bound less wisdom and he was already taught everything by the grace of the Almighty and nobody could teach him anymore. This was misunderstood by his elder brother who was also his guardian that Ramalingam was unfit for studies and an irresponsible boy.

Composing Graceful Songs At Young Age

Young Ramalingam started composing Divine poems while his peers were playing in streets joyfully. His poems were fresh and pretty as roses, sweet as nectar, choked with Bhakthi Rasam. They were innovative and revolutionary. His poems thrown new light on oriental spiritualism and religious philosophies and gave new directions. His poems attracted great scholars, religious heads, yogis intellectuals and illiterates all alike.

Dharshan Of Muruga In The Mirror

He used to recite songs in praise of the presiding deity Lord Muruga at Kanthaswamy Temple at George Town, Chennai.

Sabapathy, the elder brother was worried about his younger brother Ramalingam's career and wanted to correct him by threats and punishments. He stopped giving him food and clothes and ultimately driven him out of his house.

Ramalingam spent most of his time at the temple and temple tanks. He went around the streets and came across the ocean of people. It gave him an opportunity to understand the sorrows and the miseries of people. Pappathi Ammal the sister-in-law of Ramalingam was so affectionate to him and took care to feed him without her husband's knowledge. On one of the death anniversary days of his father Ramayya Pillai, it was conducted in style with the rituals and the poor feeding. Young Ramalingam was missing in that ceremony and starved without food while many people were fed with varieties of delicious dishes at his home. Sabapathy and his wife Pappathi Ammal both were very sad for missing their young kid in such an important occasion. Somehow she was able to catch Ramalingam in the evening and fed him with remaining food. He saw his sister-in-law in tears. She conveyed her feelings to him warmly and asked him to stay at home and to devote his attention towards his studies. He was also agreed to her wish.

His Graciousness Ramalingam was allotted a room in the upstairs. He got a mirror in his room and started praying Lord Muruga sitting in front of the mirror by performing poojas. He used to close the doors of his room and confined to his room all the time. He never came out of his room except for taking bath and food. He used to meditate deeply.

The Maiden Discourse

Sabapathy was used to give religious discourses. Once he agreed to give series of discourses on 'Periapuranam' the biography of 63 Saiva Saints. The organizer Somu Chettiar a rich and strict man. After few days Sbapathy became ill and was unabe to fulfill his commitment. He did not know what to do. He was so worried. Then his wife suggested him to send Ramalingam to continue the discourses. It looked ridiculous to him and he Ramalingam to continue the discourses. It looked ridiculous to him and he did not agree. At last after much persuasion he agreed to send Ramalingam reluctantly. He strongly advised him to behave properly with the rich organizer and to omplete the day's pooja by reading out one or two stanzas.

His Graciousness Ramalingam as advised by his brother converyed his message to Somu Chettiar the organizer and began his discourse in front of packed audience. Everybody looked upon the young boy hopelessly, since the subject matter was of very high order to be dwelt only by eminent peronaities.

The young boy taken up the word "Ulagelam" which was the first word in "Periapuranam" for annotation, words came out eloquently just as waterfalls flows. The language, style substance and versaliity were so amazing and wonderful the extraordinary geniusness and unparalleled audience of the young boy made the audience stunned and everybody came to a conclusion that he was none but DIVINE GRACE sent by the Almighty.

The organizer and the audience decided to continue with his Graciousness Ramalingam in place of his brother Sabapathy. Few days later Sabapathy went to the discourse hall, hiding himself sat with the Audience to listen his brother and he was thrilled to know about his genuine scholarship for the first time and regretted for his ignorance and mistakes.

Adoption By The Almighty

At the age of nine his Graciousness young Ramalingam was adopted by the Almighty voluntarily when he was so innocent. The Almighty gave him all the wisdom needed to attain the Divinity. At the age of twelve he began practicing true Divine life.

Worship At Thiruvottriyur

His Graciousness Vallalar started to visit daily Thiruvottriyur Siva Temple, the oldest temple in South India. He wrote and sung many number of songs in praise of Thiruvottriyur Siva and the Deity Vadivudai Ammai. One day he returned home at late night and fell asleep on the pail with acute hungry. The temple deity Vadivudai Amman came to him in the guise of His sister-in-law and fed him with nectar. He also visited Siva temples in and around Chennai such as Thiruvalithayam Thiru Mullaivayil etc.

Velayuthanar As Student

In the year 1849 Thozhuvur Velayatha Mudaliar, a 17 years old young scholar came to Vallalar and gave him hundred poems written by himself in the style of the Sangam Literature and lied that those were old Sangam verses and sought his criticism on the poems in order to test his knowledge. But Vallalar promptly that those were not Sangam poems but written by a beginner who did not know even the grammar properly. Then Velayuthanar realized his mistake and prayed pardon and to accept him as his student. Vallalar gracefully accepted him.


Vallalar did not like to marry. His complete liking rested at the feet of the Almighty. Due to the fate and the compulsion of his close relatives and well wishers he agreed to marry. He wedded Dhanammal, daughter of his own sister. Later he confessed with the Lord that he touched a lady (to tie sacred thread namely Thali), but not had family relationship with her.


Eminent – Scholars and religious heads became his students and disciples. Among them Thozhuvur Velayutha Mudaliar stood first. He published "THIRU ARUTPA" from first to fourth parts (Thirumarai) the collection of songs sung by his Guru Vallalar.

Moving Away From Chennai

His Graciousness Vallalar was fed up with the busy materialistic Chennai life. He needed calm and quiet country side life in order to practice divinity. So he decided to leave Chennai and set on piligrimage to Thillai that is Chidambaram in 1858.

Stay At Karunguzhi

In Chidambaram he met Venkata Reddiar. Venkata Reddiar requested him to stay at his home in Karunkuzhi a small near Vadalur. There he lived for nine years from 1885 to 1867. He used to visit Chidambaram Nataraja Temple very often. He wrote many poems in Venkata Reddiar's house in Karunguzhi.

Lighting With Water

One night while His Graciousness Vallalar was writing poems, the light became dim. He poured water in to the lamp instead of oil. But the light was lit on uninterruptedly throughout the night. It signified the greatness of the Thiru Arutpa.

He was so concerned about the sorrows of the humanity. His face was looked grim and His heart was melted. He was always in tears. He wept for the other's sufferings. Due to His supreme compassion which was unparalleled and unique by itself, He was glorified with reference as THIRU ARUTPRAKASA VALLALAR. The songs sung by him was called 'THIRU ARUTPA' (the songs of the Divine Grace).

A past imminence only remembered by the existence of this great temple.

Samarasa Sanmarga Sangam

Vallalar established a movement called Samarasa Suttha Sathiya Sanmarga Sangam to spread the message about Deathless Eterna Blissful life. The principles of Sanmarga sangam are:

There is only ONE Almighty, not many, as people believe generally.
True nature of the Almighty is DIVINE GRACE (ARUL) which is in the form of light and it is called as Great Divine Grade LIGHT (ARUTPERUN JOTHI).
The Almighty by name ' Great Divine Grade Light ' is unique and not among the other Gods people worship but the GREAT RULER of all Gods and Deities.
All religions are false and faulty. No religion on this earth reveals complete truth about the Almighty transparently.
Everybody must realize the Almighty and worship with pure love and compassionate service to the living beings.
We must stop killing lives and instead we have to save them from the jaws of death.
We must feel and treat every person as our ' SELF ' we must not distinguish people in the name of faith, religion, caste, colour, language, territory, rich, poor, learned, illiterate etc. We have to feel and treat all alike. All the souls are equal. There must be emotional unity of souls. ( ANMANEYA ORUMAIPADU )

His Graciousness Vallalar confessed with His Father, The Almighty that all lives became His own life; all world and the Almighty made His life in separable from compassion. He also added that if compassion was separated from Him, He would become lifeless.

Jeevakarunya Ozhukkam

There is no other painful suffering like Hunger. Hungry of the helpless poor people is the most painful of all sufferings. Everybody must, willingly, sincerely and promptly feed the hungry poor with food with compassion as if he is feeding the Almighty. This is called JEEVAKARUNYA OZHUKKAM.

Not to think, speak and do any harm in any form to any living being is the definition of JEEVAKARUNYA OZHUKKAM. Instead we have to protect and save the living beings from all kinds of pains and sufferings. This is the charted duty imposed on everybody by the Order of the Almighty without any exception. JEEVAKARUNYA OZHUKKAM i.e. Graceful Compassionate Service to the lives is the KEY to open and enjoy the treasure house of Blissful Enternal Pleasure.

The human body bestowed to man is not to perish. Death is not natural. DEATH IS UNNATURAL. Death is the only punishment that the Almighty gives. Death means destruction of human body, comes not by fate, but by our impurity of thoughts, words, deeds habits and lack of sincere whole heated effort to safeguard the body. Dead body should not be burnt but, it should be buried. Performing rituals perpetuated by Religions, faiths, castes, or by tradition should be avoided.

Sathiya Dharma Salai

His Graciousness Vallalar established Dharuma Salai on 23.05.1867 to feed the poor with food and thus removing the hunger of helpless poor. In other words this Salai can be considered as a workshop which trains people to become fit to serve others with selflessness, sincerity, politeness, humbleness and obedience.

SATHIYA DHARMA SALAI is a rich resourceful place that imparts Divine qualities and Grace of the Almighty.

Sathiya Gnana Sabai

His Graciousness Vallalar constructed an octagonal Hall of Wisdom (SATHIA GNANA SABAI) in the year 1871. This grand great construction cannot be seen as a building made up with the sand and bricks. Sathiya Gnana Sabai is the perfect model of our physical body (pindom) as well as the universe (Andam). In other Pindam is a tiny. Andarn and Andam is the largest Pindarm. Both are same in its contents, character and functions thus the Holy Gnana Sabai resembles the true structure can able to get rid of all illusions such as anger, lust, selfishness, untruth etc then he could see and experience the Great Divine Grace Light in His Inner Self. This experience is symbolically shown in Sathya Gnana Sabai (Hall of Wisdom) by removing seven colour screens (illusions) one by one and finally the Great Divine Grace Light (Arut Perun Jothi) will be shown dazzling. This is called 'JOTHI DHARSHAN'.

Jothi darshan is conducted once in 27 days that is on the day which falls on the astrological star, namely "poosam". In the month of 'Thai' the tamil month (January / February) when the FULL MOON and POOSAM star coincide, that day is called 'THAIPOOSAM' . 'Thai Poosam' is grandly celebrated every year at Gnanasabai. On 'Thai Poosam' is grandly celebrated every year at Gnanasabai. On 'Thai Poosam' day our soul and inner self is elated to higher level and it is very easy to experience the Bliss of Arut perun jothi.

His Graciousness Vallalar was with great compassion directed us to come and experience the Jothi Dharasan in Gnanasabai on every Poosam day to attain divinity.

Siddhi Valagam

His Graciousness Vallalar went to stay in the Sithi Valagam, in a tiny village called Mettu Kuppam 6 kms away from Vadalore to avoid disturbances by his affectionate followers.

In the words of His Graciousness Vallalar, "Sithi Valagam" is a place where you can get crores and crores and of times of "GOOD" than your parents, brothers and sisters, friends, close relatives and wellwishers can give you. It is obsolute fact that I promise you. This is the Order of the Almighty. Sithi Valagam is the most holiest place in the Universe. The Divine Grace is so vibrant here. One can get what he wished to.

Sathiya Gnana Deepam

In the Siddhi Valagam Thiru Maligai His Graciousness Vallalar had lit the Divine Light of True Wisdom (Sathiya Gnana Deepam). He used to worship the Divine Liglie of True Wisdom in side his sacred room nearly for four years from 1870, He with all of His Graciousness kept the Sathiya Gnana Deepam out side the room and directed his disciples the followers to consider it as the Almighty in real and worship it with true love and compassionate service to all living beings.

At present the same, Sathiya Gnana Deepam which was worshiped by HIM is spreading the Divine Light of Grace even today uninterruptedly. One can experience the Divine Grace meditating at the feet of the Gnana Deepam. It is different from that of all other lights in colour and size.

Sanmarga Flag (22-10-1873)

His Graciousness Vallalar delivered the Holy Address ( maha Upadesam ) to the word in brief by hoisting the Sanmarga Flag with yellow colour at the top and white at the bottom at Sithivalagam, in Mattukuppam. By flying the Sanrmarga Flag with yellow colour at the top and white at the bottom at Sithivalagam, in Mattukuppam. By flying the Sanrnarga Flag, His Graciousness Vallalar declared the Universe that he triumphed in attaining BLISSFUL ETERNAL LIFE WITH THE DEATH LESS BODY. Right through the ages from the day the creation started to this day nobody attained the Eternal life with deathless body. So far saints, founders of religions and their Gods, everybody was dead and their human body was perished. His Graciousness Vallalar was the first in the history to attain Eternal life along with his physical body without letting it to perish. Sanmargi is one who lives Eternally life along with his physical body without letting it to perish. Sanmargi is one who lives Eternally beyond any time scale. Sanmarga Flag denotes that Sanmargam has emerged and here after people will start living Enternal Life with Deathless Body. On 7th Aypasi (Tamil Month) at 8.00 am Sanmarga Flag Hoisting ceremony is celebrated every year at Mettukuppam.

His Graciousness Vallalar with supreme compassion explained the gathering at the Sanmarga Flag Hosisting ceremony. The main points are as follows:

Mutega Sidhhi

His Graciousness Vallalar had transformed His physical body into SUTHA DEGAM, the body of complete PURITY which is in the form of pure GOLD. Secondly Golden body was transformed in to PRANAVA DEGAM, whih is in the form of LIGHT and again the body of light was transformed into GNANA DEGAM which is in the form of pure WISDOM which means Great Intellectual Space of Divine Grace.

The Space of Grace ( Arul Veli ) is invisible. It is divided by things and it becomes one undivided if the things are removed. So space has no colour, no smell, and no boundaries. It cannot be scaled as it has no length and breadth or height and depth or even weight. The space is filling in and out of everyone. Space is in everything and everything is in the space. Space cannot be neither created nor destroyed. Finally His Graciousness Vallalar attained the Gnana Degam which is in the form is Space of Divine Grace and from that altar, He could perform all the five great professions of the Almighty viz. Creation, preservation, destruction, veil md bliss. He was the first one to attain the Eternal life with the Deathless permanent body. So he explains as under

In short, feeling of oneness leads to compassionate service and compassionate service fetches grace of Almighty and the Grace of Almighty bestows Blissful Eternal Life.

"I am the eldest son of the Arut Perun Jothi".

"O my father, you gave me full power to do five Great Professions, and to great power to do everything. So it was clearly understood that Vallalar became synonymous with the Almighty and no difference persisted between them."

A photographer tried His best to have His photo but he did not succeed. There was no image and the film looked as if it was exposed to the light. It was clearly proved that though he was seen in the physical body, in fact His body had undergone changes and transformed into body of Space of Divine Grace which can not be perceived by materialists.

His Graciousness Vallalar himself clarified that if a physical body was transformed in to Gnana Degam ( body of the space of Divine Grace ), the body would not produce any kind of effluents viz. swet, urine, motion etc. Shadow of the body would not be there it would not be obstructed by walls, mountains.

The body could not be burnt by fire, wet by water, shaken by the air. The legs would not touch the earth and the body would not be wounded by any weapon such as knife, pistol or alom bomb the Gnana Degam was imrnorial and would never be destroyed.

Then His followers out of curiosity started watching him whether our Lord Vallalar possessed these qualities. They observed closely and found him passing through the wall into the his room; His shadows were not there under the bright sun, he was able to see and speak to the people far away in different places directly. He did not take any kind of food or drinks. There was no etlluent from His body. His followers experienced a Fragrance which was truly different and unique.

Attaiment of Arutperunjothi

On 30.01.1874 ( Tamil month Thai 19, Srimuga year ) night His Graciousness Vallalar stepped into His room and asked His desciples to lock his room and instructed them that He wanted to stay inside the room for some time. He also added that none should try to open the door. If the Govt. Authorities persist to open it, the room will be found vacant since the Almighty should not let Him down and ultimately He would enter the soul of every living being and lead them to the path of Divine Grace.

Vallalar with His mightly Divine Graciousness is guiding, and leading every living being to attain Divine Grade.

Let all living beings live in peace.