Maha Satsang

On this holy occasion of thai poosam festival every year our trust conducts maha satsang to enlighten people on the teachings of Swami Ramalinga Vallalar. Sadhus and various scholars address the devotees about the path of suddha sanmargam. Thousands of people are attending this satsang every year.


Every year our trust conducts annadhanam continuously for four days to thousands of devotees are gathering for this grand spiritual August of Jothi dharsan.

Thiruvarutpa Musical Concert

To enchant devotees our trust arranges thiruvarutpa bhajans and musical concerts. The devotees are attending this bhajans has a chance to feel the presence of the Divine.

Free Book Distribution

Every year the trust is distributing books freely to the devotees of Jothi dharsan carrying the message of Swamy Ramalinga Vallalar.

Spiritual Exhibition

Every year the trust is arranging spiritual banner show exhibition to the sight of the devotees projecting about showing compassion towards all beings, vegetarianism and the path of suddha sanmargam. More number of peoples is learning easily about the path way trod by Swamy Ramalinga Vallalar from this colorful banner show exhibition.