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During the nineteenth century, a new phenomenon blessed the world at Marudur, a small village about 9 kms away from Vadalore, Tamilnadu, South India. Marudur was home to a righteous and devout couple.

One day, when the husband was away, a saffron-clad saint came to their house. The lady of the house treated the saint courteously and lovingly served him a sumptuous meal. Pleased immensely by the devoted hospitality extended to him, the saint upon his departure blessed her with some sacred ash (vibudhi) and uttered the following words. “You shall beget a son, who will deliver the art of deathlessness, which will be a boon to the entire world”. So saying, the saint disappeared. (Though it has been acknowledged by all as a remarkable event, the intricacy lying therein has to be understood only from a higher plane). The very moment the lady heard the words of the saint that she would bring forth a child, she conceived. Such conception is termed as ‘sambupaksha shrishti’.

Creation has been classified into five divisions. Of these, the world is only aware of the scientific fact that the unity of the sperm and ovum make way for the formation of an embryo, which gradually grows into a child to be brought up in the world to gain experience to attain the purpose of its existence. Contrary to this, the ‘sambupaksha shrishti’ is different, where the embryo comes into existence, the very moment the utterance comes from a holy saint and as such, it is a rare phenomenon in the world.

Days passed and at the end of the gestation period, the lady gave birth to a male child on the fifth day of October 1823. The lady was Chinnammaiyar, Ramayya Pillai’s wife, and the child was none other than Vadalore Swami Ramalinga or so lovingly known to the world as Vallal Peruman, or most affectionately as Vallalar.

Vallal Perumaan blessed this world with his presence and to this day thousands of devotees throng to Maruthur to receive Perumaanaar’s benediction.